What We Provide

Functional fitness solutions for coaches, gyms, therapists & movement specialists


Providing functional training solutions to coaches, physiotherapists, and fitness professionals through live events, courses, and certifications.

Fitness Equipment

30% stronger than any fitness sandbag on the market. Official distributor of the Ultimate Sandbag in the UK.

Workout Programs

Effective workout programs that are downloadable and require minimal equipment, so can be done anywhere.

Our best sellers

Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package

Our Ultimate Sandbag Burly Packages come with our unique durable, non-abrasive, and easy to clean outer-shell available in black or camouflage and three, forty-pound filler bags.

    Ultimate Sandbag Strength Package

    Our Ultimate Sandbag Strength Packages are loadable from 40-80 pounds and comes with a durable outer shell along with two 40-pound filler bags.

    Ultimate Sandbag Force Package

    Our Ultimate Sandbag Force Package comes with a durable outer shell and one, 50 pound filler bag. Each package comes with training DVD, instructional booklet & wall chart.

      Ultimate Sandbag Power Package

      Our Power Package comes with a durable outer shell and two, 20-pound filler bags. Easy to wipe down, 30% stronger than any fitness sandbag on the market.

        What others say about DVRT

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        Joel Gunterman

        Strength and Conditioning Coach

        "Our athletes not only got stronger and more powerful, but gained better mobility, balance, and control of their bodies."

        Larisa Lotz

        Fitness Trainer

        "I use the knowledge I've learned regularly. I might include it in a warm up, workout, cool down, or maybe all of it. It's always right and gets the job done."

        Cameron Ward

        Personal Trainer & Manual Therapist

        "The DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag are used in every session, be that therapy, group training, or personal training."