Our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training program (DVRT™) has become a standard in the fitness industry for teaching and educating fitness professionals, physical therapists, and strength coaches on true functional training.

We have provided top level continuing education for over a decade and 13 countries worldwide. Our DVRT program has been a focus of top industry conferences as well, but we understand there are many questions about what DVRT really is all about.

Level 1 Certification

Foundations of Functional Training is built to be the perfect combination of strength, corrective, coaching, and true functional fitness. Based on movement concepts taught in Restoration, Level 1 brings us to more challenging strength training that will both change how you see familiar movements and bring you a whole new world of fitness solutions. We cover how to establish, progress, and build the 7 primal movement patterns that will instantly improve strength, mobility, and overall performance.

Location: Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

Date: Sunday 3rd May 2020

Time: 9am-5pm

Address: Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

Bisham Village, Marlow Road, SL7 1RR

Price: £399

Frequently Asked Questions

Our DVRT workshops are a great introduction to our DVRT system and why it is so impactful to getting people results so fast and how it is so different than anything else you have experienced. Being a 4 hour program, we highlight some of our most popular DVRT drills and how they fit into the larger scheme of a functional fitness program.


The DVRT certifications are designed to help coaches or enthusiasts excel in the skills of applying DVRT. Not only do we delve into far more detailed functional fitness concepts, there is more time exposing the student to the many layers of progressions and programming of DVRT. We get into the heart of proper cuing, proper movement identification, and students are measured in their ability to apply these concepts in both a written exam (that is done at home) and our DVRT Clean and Press test.

We understand why many people at first glance might think that DVRT is simply a users course about our Ultimate Sandbag. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Our goal with DVRT is to educate attendees on how the body works, how the body creates real life movement, and why we see so much dysfunction. Establishing the why’s, we create solutions in building extensive progressions of exercises. We not only cover over 20 movements that you can immediately use with your clients, we provide you the system to make every program customized for any training environment.

Whether you are training one on one, small group, or team based training, the DVRT system is designed to give you the ability to work with a wide variety of abilities while providing a customized approach. The DVRT instructional concepts provide you a feeling of almost infinite exercises, but more importantly, you learn the simple cues that provide you a huge impact to your clients’ success!

We always want to be transparent about what we do at DVRT because everything is done with great intent. Before the implementation of a physical standard, most attendees had not even touched an Ultimate Sandbag. This made the program much more limited because every concept was so new to the student. Having more familiarity with the tool allowed us to spend more time on building the system, cover more exercises, and offer more layers to what the program can do for one’s training business.

There is also our desire to quantify the quality of one’s coaching. We believe whether you are coaching yourself or others, there are three key qualities of being a good coach.

-The ability to design a program that achieves a specific goal. The intent with the Clean and Press test is that it will take a 4-6 week program to achieve the goal. One shouldn’t be able to pass on their first attempt of the standard.

-Understanding how to put several movement patterns together and the proper performance of them. The Clean and Press involves hip hinge, plank, pushing, pulling, mobility, strength, and power-endurance. So many key functional fitness qualities.

-The essence of coaching is the ability to problem solve. We want to see coaches that may have technique flaws, they may lack mobility in some part of their body, they may need to increase certain fitness qualities. Can you identify your needs and create a solutions based upon them.

Some may think a standard like this is about toughness, it is not! It is about all the elements of good coaching!

Email us at info@dvrtfitness.co.uk and we can discuss your other options for achieving our standards.