Ultimate Sandbag Force Package


Our Ultimate Sandbag Force Package comes with a durable outer shell and one, 50 pound filler bag. Each package comes with training DVD, instructional booklet & wall chart.

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    The Ultimate Sandbag Force Package comes with a durable outer shell and one 50-pound filler bag. Each Ultimate Sandbag Package comes with a DVRT training DVD, instructional booklet, and wall chart poster. This sandbag training package is perfect for young athletes, new users, and for those who just want a reasonable workout at home.

    • Comes with one Force Shell measuring 27L x 8W
    • Comes with one filler bag
    • Filler bag is loadable from 20-50 pounds
    • Comes with downloadable workouts
    • Available in camouflage colour
    • Great for women, beginning men,  rotational movements, and those looking to work their way up to the Strength USB
    • Recommended Loading Weights: Beginner: 30 pounds, Intermediate: 40 pounds, Advanced: 50 pounds recommended

    Being the original fitness sandbag starting in 2004 has allowed us to develop the strongest, most versatile, and engineered fitness sandbag, earning the name the Ultimate Sandbag! Easy to wipe down, 30% stronger than any fitness sandbag on the market, and design with the most effective training system.

    *Please note, all packages ship without sand